The Atmosphere

The first round of this seasons Winter Bouldering League went off with a bang! 50 of you lovely people turned up to crank as hard as you could and my oh my did you crank! Before the round started we were overwhelmed with the comments on how pysched people were for the Winter Bouldering League! That certainly showed with how everyone climbed!

Gary Kitchen making easy work of the Black through the roof!

Attacking The Blocs

There was no holding anyone back in the first round of Winter Bouldering League. League regulars and newbies came down to give the fresh set a good seeing too. There where so many competitors, climbers had to wait patiently to get a go at certain blocs! Alot of you guys complemented on how the blocs looked and agreed that some of them are deceptively hard and visa versa! The staff favourite was the blue going through the Enigma volumes in middle of the Xcult Comp Wall. Not too hard if you got the body positioning right, taking it to basics which we always like. ‘Basic but hard’ as Yann would say.

Wrap Up For WBL Round 1

All in all a cracking night with alot of people coming in super pysched to get on some comp blocs! Now the League is back we’re excited to see who will be pushing themselves and aiming to be in the Grand Final next year! Don’t forget next round is starting early on the 27th at 14:30 as we’re closing at 18:00 between Christmas and New Years! Keep cranking people!

WBL R1 Results

Senior Female
1st – Maddi Benjamin
2nd – Sophie
3rd – Tasha Wellstead

Youth A Female
1st – Hannah Brown

Youth B Male
1st – Sam Pestell
2nd – Stan Reed

Senior Male
1st – Jude Clark
2nd – John Golder
3rd – Jim Pratt

Youth A Male
1st – Ben Pestell
2nd – Coby Diggines
3rd – Alex Corless

Youth C+ Female
1st – Esme Abbott
2nd – Cara Feeney

1st – Joe Martin
2nd – Jason Downing
3rd – Richard Benjamin

Youth B Female
No Competitors in this category

Youth C+ Male
1st – Ethan Cole

Full table of scores

For a full table of results follow this link.

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